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Together for Families programme

In March 2018, wilko launched our three-year charity partnership called ‘Together for Families.’ The brilliant charities we committed to supporting were Alzheimer’s Society, Save The Children and Teenage Cancer Trust.

The programme was designed to support families across the UK when they need it most and to tackle some of the key social issues often faced by hard-working families in their everyday lives.

Through the partnership, wilko team members have taken part in a range of fun fundraising activities, from dressing up and sponsored walks to bake-offs and body waxing. Together with customer support, we’ve raised an amazing £1,845,780. Each charity received £615,260 each (which is £205,087 per charity per year). But the last year hasn’t been easy for anyone, and we knew we could do more for these charities. Which is why we’re sticking with them for another year.

As with so many other things, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on charities, and how they are funded. But the essential support they offer and the need for it hasn’t stopped. It’s why we’re sticking with them and giving them as much of our help as we can over the coming year. To help us and support our partner charities, please visit our Together for Families programme page where you can make an online donation.

Here’s a bit about our charity partners:

Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society provides people affected by dementia the support they need, when they need it most.

Did you know? Every three minutes someone develops dementia. By 2025, 1 million people in the UK will be living with the condition.

Save the Children

Save the Children supports parents to help boost their children’s learning and give them the best start in life.

Did you know? Many children in England start school behind their peers because of problems at home or financial difficulty. Disadvantaged from day one, these children struggle to make up for lost time.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Young people with cancer need specialist nursing and emotional support. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this critical need.

Did you know? Every single day in the UK, seven young people aged 13-24 are given the news that they have cancer.

To find out more about the Together for Families programme and how we’re supporting our three charities, why not visit our wilko blog.

The partnership extension will end on 29th January 2022

Please note that 10% of the funds we donate to Alzheimer’s Society throughout our partnership will go to Alzheimer’s Scotland (Scottish Charity no.SC022315)

Alzheimer's Society is a registered charity: 296645 (England & Wales) | The Save the Children Fund is a registered charity: 213890 (England & Wales); SC039570 (Scotland) | Teenage Cancer Trust is a registered charity: 1062559 (England & Wales); SC039757 (Scotland)