Visions and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

‘Extraordinary everyday shopping in the heart of the community’

It means great products in great stores or online, sold by great people, right in the heart of the community,whether physical or virtual.

Our Mission

‘What can you do/have you done to passionately deliver extraordinary everyday shopping in the heart of the community?’

Our mission is a call to action. We want everyone to ask at the beginning of every day “what am I going to do today to deliver extraordinary shopping?”, and at the end of every day, “what have you done today to deliver extraordinary shopping?”

Our Values

Our values summarise how we all behave when delivering the company vision and mission.

‘Shape our future’

this ensures we steer our own path towards a future that is entirely unique.

‘Pull together’

means we work together as a team.

‘Show passion’

we know our team members are passionate about lots of things. We want you all to show it.

‘Be unique’

we are proud of having our own distinct identity.

And finally...

‘Make it fun’

we want shopping and working with us to be fun.