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Together for Communities programme

Since 2011, we’ve been raising money from our 5p carrier bag charge and have donated over £3 million to 13 charities and fantastic causes. We’re committed to continue using these funds for a positive social and environmental impact and from August 2018 we’ve teamed up with charities who make a difference in communities where it matters most. In England and Scotland we’ll be working with Keep Britain Tidy and The Prince’s Trust, and in Wales with Keep Wales Tidy.

We’ve selected these charities as they tackle some of the key social and environmental issues that our customers and local communities face. With their help, our funding will go directly towards helping communities build better futures.

With our stores being in the heart of local communities, we believe we’re in the perfect position to build meaningful relationships with our customers through local community projects that will have a lasting, sustainable impact.

Here’s a little bit about our charity partners:

Keep Britain Tidy - 'Caring for the environment on your doorstep'

Working with Keep Britain Tidy, we’re supporting three programmes which will help create clean and green community spaces and teach future generations the value of the environment around them. Keep Britain Tidy share our enthusiasm for making a difference where it matters most.

The Prince’s Trust - 'Helping young people to live, learn and earn'

We’re supporting The Prince’s Trust with two of their community programmes – ‘Team’ and ‘Get Started’, which not only provide young people with essential skills to empower them to get back into education, training or employment, they also help create green spaces nationally.

Keep Wales Tidy - 'Caring for our environment together, now and for the future'

In Wales, we’ll be working directly with Keep Wales Tidy to transform an area into a community garden. The aim is to make the site sustainable and successfully apply to become a community Green Flag site.

Wilkinson Hardware Stores Limited will donate the net proceeds from sales of its 5p carrier bags in England, Scotland and Wales to the following charities: Keep Britain Tidy, rcn (1071737) - 50% of net proceeds in England and 50% of net proceeds in Scotland; The Prince’s Trust, rcn (1079675 and SC041198) – 30% of net proceeds in England and 50% of net proceeds in Scotland; Keep Wales Tidy, rcn (1082058) - 100% of net proceeds in Wales. The total donation to all of these charities is expected to be £1,009,555.

To find out more about the programme and how we’re supporting our communities, have a read through our Together for Communities brochure that tells you everything you need to know.

Helping Hands programme

Helping our local community is really important to us. That’s why every wilko store has a budget to give a little helping hand to local groups and community projects. You could get wilko gift cards, products or volunteers to help with whatever you’re doing for your community - whether it’s a raffle prize to help with fund raising or tins of paint and extra helpers to do up a community centre - we’d love to help you!

It’s easy to apply in just three steps:

Step 1

Fill in an application form – they can be found either at your local store or you can download the form below.

Step 2

Hand it in at the help desk in your local wilko store.

Step 3

We’ll be in touch to let you know how your application got on (we review applications at the end of each month. Please give us as much notice as possible prior to your event to avoid disappointment).

Sadly, we can’t help expeditions, political parties, private or fee-paying schools, branches of national charities, profitable organisations or third party private fundraising groups.

However, we CAN help local schools, playgroups and nurseries, parent or family groups, disabled groups, youth clubs, elderly groups, luncheon clubs, community and tenants’ associations plus appeals from the local police, fire service and local councils and many more!

Download the Helping Hands application form